My Order




Who are you and what do you do?

Hi my name is Liam and I sing in CancerBats

What products and/or services did Presstime provide you on your last order? How did it help you?

Presstime printed our shirts, and hoodies and embroidered beanies for us.

Where do your source your inspiration for the merch you create?

I try to make the merch side of the band as creative as the music itself, for me its another outlet and form of expression. I want to have fun gnarly shirts to go with our fun gnarly tunes!

How has the vision for your merch evolved over the years?

I think knowing that we have lots of different folks who like our band, we've always tried to have a broad range of designs to reflect all of those people. So harsh metal designs, fun punk shirts, a dog smoking a bong, something for everyone haha!

What are some things you wish you knew before you got started?

Don't be in such a rush. Take the time to practice and make sure the art you're putting out is at the level that you want people to see it.

Any words of advice for newcomers to your industry?

Don't just follow other peoples style when it come to the music or art that you're making, try and fill the void that you think is missing, that no one is doing. That will actually stand out and be a lot more interesting.

Anything to add? Got anything cool coming up?

We got a bunch of fun tours coming up BAT SABBATH hitting the west coast of Canada in AUGUST and SEPTEMBER with BLACK MASTIFF its gonna be a RIPPER!