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Eaten By Sharks, a metal band out of the Niagara region.

Who are you and what do you do?

We are a techmetal band that rips riffs with an oceanic twist

What products and/or services did Presstime provide you on your last order? How did it help you?

Presstime has been very easy to work with offering enhancements to existing designs, suggestions for placement and size of design. We have had everything from hoodies, longsleeves, and t-shirts from presstime. Always happy with the product and service they provide.

Where do you source your inspiration for the merch you create?

Most of the inspiration starts from the classic jaws back ground music, "duh-dun duh-dun duh-dun" and then tidal waves into a school of fin ripping riffs channeling blast beats and chugs from the murky depths of Davey Jones' locker. We obviously don't take things too seriously and have some fun with the Shark theme, we find that bleeds in very easily with our merch designs, each artist we reach out to has some fun with the concept and has yielded some killer results.

How has the vision for your merch evolved over the years?

Going back to our first designs, they have been improving over the years. Although our very first design for a shirt has kept showing back up throughout the years, we even had an artist do a variant for it which turned out amazing. We now have a variety of merch to pick from, with different artist but always the same producer, Presstime. The combo of good art and quality prints has kept us turning over and re printing merch as the fans are happy with the end product.

What are some things you wish you knew before you got started?

I always thought there was a minimal amount of time to be "successful" in a band and that you had to be "young" to reap the benefits of being in an original band. Fast forward to being a 47 year old crusty dude playing guitar in a metal band happy as a Shark in Chum infested waters, you're never too old.

Any words of advice for newcomers to your industry?

Communication is key. Whether it be through band communication, so members are aware of all the different things the band has on the go, when things start flying at younits good to keep your crew in the loop. Responding quickly to promoters, bookers as well as other bands when they reach out with show offers etc its tough with juggling so many things but the people you work with will keep coming back if youbare quick and easy to work with. Talking it up with the audience and other bands at shows, be out going, approachable that stuff goes along way, especially when selling merch.

Anything to add? Got anything cool coming up?

We have a few shows this year, part of that will be heading out east. Then we lock down to start riffing it up for some new sharkinfested shanties!