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We have a unique way of operating behind the scenes at PTD. Once your order is approved and paid in full, it's on like Donkey Kong! Your apparel is ordered and counted, artwork goes immediately into screen making, inks are mixed and more. From there, our ever-so-thoughtful production managers will work your order into our production schedule over the next 10 business days or so. They evaluate your ink type, print location and garment availability to place your job precisely where suited best for a seamless turnaround. Everything is considered to make your order go as smoothly as possible for you AND our production team.

Typical turnaround time - 10 Business days from the time that we receive your payment. The day you pay is considered day zero.

Rush orders - If you speak with absolutely ANYONE on the Presstime team, they'll sing it loud and proud that quality is number 1 for us. If we can accommodate your order faster than our normal turnaround time WITHOUT sacrificing quality, we will be more than happy to do everything in our power to hit your deadline.

A few tips to make your rush order more feasible:

1. Get in touch with us as early as possible to see if a rush date is available.

2. Choose garments from our website catalogue. Yes, we can get in almost any brand you can think of but our catalogue has been carefully curated by the Presstime team based on quality, price and availability. This means that if our catalogue shows it, we should be able to get our hands on the blanks quickly. Plus, we keep a lot of the PTD catalogue garments in stock. These choices can be huge difference makers when time is a factor.

3. Going with black garments can help. Most of the stock we carry in house is black, which means that it's more likely for an order to get put together in, well, a rush.

4. Print colours - The fewer colours your design has, the quicker we can get it done for you. If your design has 5 colours in it but will look just as good with 3 colours, we will suggest reducing it as needed. Also, choosing from our stock library colours instead of a custom Pantones will speed things up as well.

5. Print locations - If your shirts normally have prints on the front, back and both sleeves - in a pinch, you can save loads of time by cutting out those sleeve prints to get your merch on press more quickly. The fewer impressions that need to be made, the quicker the turnaround!

6. Responsiveness - Remember that scene in Pulp Fiction where the Wolf says to Jules and Vincent "I think fast, I talk fast and I need you guys to act fast if you wanna get out of this". (should we make that Wolf quote a link to this clip? -

That's it in a nutshell! PTD plans to follow all of the same steps as usual to complete your order, but the more prompt you can be with your responses to things like emails, your quote, it's mocks and payment, the quicker we can wrap things up and get them out the door for you!

Rush Fee's added to your order:

5 Days - 20%

4 Days - 25%

3 Days - 30%

2 Days - 50%

Order Process

This is an indepth look at how we process your order

Artwork - It all starts with the artwork. Afterall, when you’re promoting a message, what you’re really trying to convey is what your T shirt SAYS more so than the T shirt itself. We are here to make sure that you are putting your best foot forward. This means that we are going to go the extra mile and handle your artwork like it's our own. We’re going to help you make the best impression possible by using industry leading artists, our years of experience in the field, small improvements to ensure that you get a clean print, a carefully curated colour library as well as a very accurate mock program to make sure things turn out better than just alright. We want them perfect.

Having said that, putting your brand or message onto the proper garment is a critical step in making sure that your message goes the distance and gets seen over and over again. How? By making apparel and products that your fans WANT to wear.

Product Selection - Once we know that the artwork is poppin, we need to decide on a garment that suits you. This is often done in tandem with getting your artwork sorted. One of the things that we try to determine early in the process is what you and your company value most. For some, price comes first, for others having a garment that is on the trendy side is priority one. No matter what is most important to you, the key is to understand what you value so we can guide you into choosing the appropriate product. Through years of testing we have curated a catalogue of items that we feel really hit most of our clients needs. This catalogue is based on style, fit, availability, price and popularity. Take a look and if you don’t find what you need or have a very specific brand or vision in mind, just let us know. We can source almost any brand or style that you have kickin around in that cute lil noggin of yours.

Quoting - On your end, the hard part is over. All we need you to do now is complete our quote sheet. This lets your customer service rep know all of the things that they will need to get your order processed. It includes your contact info, You’re happy with the artwork, you have picked all of the garments for your order…..

Approval - Once we have put together your proposal, it will be sent directly to your inbox for review. This moment is crucial to the success of the order. We really need you to look over your document very closely and carefully. It will show you everything from if it's a ship out or pick up, your garment / product selection, how many of each size you requested, pricing, and all mocks pertaining to this particular order. If you find something incorrect or would like a change made it's as simple as just emailing your customer service rep and letting them know. They will get the changes made and sent back to you to check over again.

Not to sound like a broken record but please look at everything on your sheet because once it is approved and paid, it becomes very difficult to stop the order from getting printed and most times, it is too late to make any changes after you approve and pay. We follow it carefully to order in your blanks, get the shipping address right and pass production notes to the team. Did I say production team?! Yes I did and it's an important one. Based on your approved mock we will create the screens, select the inks and print your stuff in the shown locations. To sum it up, our entire team uses your approved invoice as a roadmap to make your stuff exactly to the specifications that we both agreed upon.

Payment - Upon your approval of the quote you should receive an email requesting payment. Our most preferred payment method is E Transfer to We realize that everyone has their own preferences so if you would rather, you can pay using credit card directly on the website or come to the shop to pay in cash or by debit. Orders do not go into production until the full payment has been made. We have an approximate turnaround time of 10 business days. When we receive your payment, the turnaround time clock starts ticking.

Completion - Trust and care are 2 of the things that have helped build Presstime into what it is today. When your order is complete, you can bet your bum that you will get an email notification that lets you know that your order has either shipped or is ready for pick up. If it has been shipped all of your tracking information will be located in the “customer notes” section of your invoice. Just go back to the original invoice that you approved and bing bang boom, tracking info will be there for you to reference. If your order is a pick up, come on by anytime between 9 and 5, Monday to Friday (except for holidays).


To be clear, we wish that minimum orders weren’t a thing but due to the amount of work that goes into what we do, we have had to set Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ’s) on different products. Let’s jump in, shall we?

Screen Printing:

Apparel -

This includes all the basics like, T’s, hoodies, totes, long sleeves, etc. MOQ - 10 Pieces per design. By “per design” we mean that if you have 2 different designs and only want the minimum order quantity you would have to get 10 shirts of each design. The other thing to keep in mind is your colour count.

1 to 2 Colours - MOQ - 10 Pieces per design

2 to 3 Colours - MOQ - 25 Pieces per design

4 to 8 Colours - MOQ - 50 Pieces per design

Screen printed Posters -

This goes for our standard 11x17 and 18x24 inch posters.

1 to 2 Colours - MOQ - 25 Pieces per design

2 to 3 Colours - MOQ - 50 Pieces per design

4 to 8 Colours - MOQ - 75 Pieces per design

Koozies -

These little buddies are always limited to 1 colour prints. Double sided is an option too!

1 Colour - MOQ - 25 Pieces per design


Apparel -

This includes all the basics like, T’s, hoodies, totes, long sleeves, etc. MOQ - 10 Pieces per design. By “per design” we mean that if you have 2 different designs and only want the minimum order quantity you would have to get 10 shirts of each design. Unlike screen printing, the colour count for embroidery isn’t a big deal. We can stitch every colour in your little brother’s pencil case.

1 to 14 Colours - MOQ - 10 Pieces per design

Finishing Options:

Inside Tags -

Our printed inside tags really can pack a punch when it comes to brand recognition. We apply ours via transfer and they always look super clean and opaque. We exclusively limit our inside tags to 1 colour imprints. Most clients want to have the shirt size on the tag so feel free to mix your sizes within our MOQ.

1 Colour - MOQ - 50 Pieces per design

Folding & Poly Bagging -

Getting your stuff folded and all bagged up is good for storage, fulfillment, shipping and retail.

MOQ - 10 Pieces

Hem Tags -

Are a great addition to your merch but are fairly labour intensive. Because of this, the MOQ is a touch higher.

MOQ - 50 Pieces


When your order is complete

When your order is complete, you will receive an email notification from us letting you know that your box of magic is on the way. We use all of the courier companies and make the decision of which one we will use based on cost and your location. Your tracking info will be in the customer notes on your original invoice.

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Do you ship worldwide?

Heck yes we do.

How long does shipping take?

It really depends on your location. If you are living in Ontario, chances are you will receive your merch the day after we complete it. Anywhere else in Canada can be anywhere between 2 and 5 days. If you are ordering from the US or anywhere else, get in touch with you rep to get an idea of how long shipping will take.

Where can I find my tracking info?

Your tracking info will be in the customer notes in your original invoice. Just go back to the link in your inbox and go to the spot within your invoice called Customer Notes.

Pick Ups

Upon receiving your order completion notification via email, please feel free to swing by anytime from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM EST. Please have your invoice number handy so that we can find your order quickly.