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Retail Finishing

Retail finishing can help to put you in the big leagues, quick. Finishing options like custom printed tags, folding / poly bagging and custom sewn tags are what we mean by retail finishing because it is just that; making merch that is ready to hit the shelves and elevate your company. It gives your brand the recognition that it deserves. You can pick and choose which service you would like to add to your printed apparel or you can apply them all and be rollin like Fred Durst at Foot Locker.

Inside Tags

Our printed inside tags really can pack a punch when it comes to brand recognition. We apply ours via transfer and they always look super clean and opaque. We exclusively limit our inside tags to 1 colour imprints. Most clients want to have the shirt size on the tag so feel free to mix your sizes within our MOQ.

Helpful things to know:

  • The maximum print area for a tag is 4 inches wide and 4 inches tall.
  • Most tags are around the 3 x 2 inch mark.
  • Typically it is standard to include your logo, shirt size, fiber composition (what it’s made of) and where it is made. Folks also often like to put their website or a catchy slogan in as well.
  • For some tag layout ideas, feel free to download our tag templates.
  • MOQ - 50 Pieces per design (you can mix and match sizes within that 50 MOQ)

Folding & Poly Bagging

Getting your stuff folded and all bagged up is good for storage, fulfillment, shipping and retail. Plus it gives a professional appearance to your customers. There is no MOQ for folding & poly bagging.

Hem Tags

Are usually small woven tags that are individually sewn onto the seam of your shirts. They are always great addition to your merch but are fairly labour intensive. Because of this, the MOQ is a touch higher at 50 pieces. Another thing to consider is that adding hem tags will also add an approximate 10 additional business days to your turnaround time.
MOQ - 50 Pieces

Sewn In Tags

Imagine if the brand tag on the inside of your hoodie was YOUR logo? We can make that happen. We will manufacture and sew in custom woven tags that will make every piece feel special. Expect an extra 5 business days on your production time for this service.

Custom Name & Numbers

Where would MJ be without 23? If your team needs custom names and numbers, we can apply them to your garments using heat transfer vinyl. Because it needs to be applied via heat transfer, custom names and numbers must be kept to 1 colour impressions.