Wine Lips

Weekly Featured Client

Who are you and what do you do?

Hi, we're wine lips and we play garage punk rock music!

What products and/or services did presstime provide you on your last order? How did it help you?

T-shirts, ringers, hoodies, hats!

Where do your source your inspiration for the merch you create?

Good times, bad times, late nights, chaos, anxiety. I think it translates into our merch designs because we gravitate to weird art and crazy “psychy” designs a lot of the time.

How has the vision for your merch evolved over the years?

I think we are starting to explore other options that aren't just t-shirts.

What are some things you wish you knew before you got started?

That you can ask for a late check-out at hotels.

Any words of advice for newcomers to your industry?

Play a lot, meet new people, have a beer, enjoy what you do, always ask for late check-out.

Anything to add? Got anything cool coming up?

We have a new record coming out in 2024! Lot's of tour dates and fun stuff to follow the release!

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