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Why Work With PTD?


Our friendly and approachable reputation is something we have become extremely proud of. There are a ton of moving parts when ordering custom merchandise and we don’t take that lightly. We go out of our way to make it known that our doors (and ears) are always open to field your questions, address concerns and offer knowledgeable advice.


Trust is something that needs to be earned and we don’t take that for granted. The custom apparel and design industry is filled with companies that are happy to take your money first and leave you wondering how, why and when your stuff will be completed. Not us! Before commitments are made, transparency and comfort will be created first to make sure that your ideas are fully realized and that we are delivering products that are suited to your vision.


Above all else, we believe that without great work, you have nothing. Quality craftsmanship has been the foundation on which PTD was built and just ok is never enough for us. Through focused printing techniques, thoughtful artwork, knowledgeable staff and just as a whole, always pushing to do better, it has thrusted us into some of Canada’s top experts in the industry.

Our Story

It's 2004. Presstime wasn’t even close to conceptualized yet but the gears of destiny were already starting to turn. At the time, Owner / Operator, Ricky Pridmore was in a band, playing at shows and handling the management(ish) side. This included booking tours, making shirt designs and arranging printers for merchandise. One sunny afternoon, Ricky walked into a sweaty print shop to pick up T’s for the band and the smell, grime and look of fear in the printer's eye hit him hard with the printing bug. Ricky had been running a button company for the last few years and wanted to expand his product repertoire. So, in 2009 with basically zero of knowledge, a small loan and truck load of will, Presstime was finally born. PTD was originally planning to focus on designs and silk screened gig posters but it was quickly realized that our equipment wasn't poster friendly, it was T shirt friendly! Using ethics gathered from the music scene and not being afraid to tug on a heart string here and there, Presstime began to build its own little roster of clients.

Not before long, PTD started to pick up steam and needed more people power. Tone Ventresca, Ricky’s right hand man, band mate and top notch designer was brought aboard. As the company grew, so did it's warehouse space, equipment, clients and perhaps most importantly, the PTD family. One by one, friends as close as brothers and sisters began to join the team. Band mates, brothers, wives, moms, aunts, cousins of friends, you name it. When the team started to take shape is when Presstime started to hone in on what was unique about itself. Quality, Trust and Approachability.

From day one, we were focused on being a trustworthy and approachable company that delivered expectation surpassing goods while supporting its community and music at large. That is the set of values that the company started and will end with. Quality, Trust and Approachability. From day one, they were focused on being a trustworthy and approachable company that delivered expectations surpassing goods while supporting its community and music at large. This is a family run business. We deliver big city quality with small town charm. We don't have a slick pay online process because we actually WANT to hear from you. Whether it's a new logo for your brand or T's for the big gig, we want to learn about you and your needs so we can produce what suits you best. Our clients are family to us and we are hellbent on making sure that you get what you need to succeed. This is an open invitation to join our family! Let's start a project together!